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this was a very good game i loved it!!! keep the good work up! :)

thanks for playing Alejandro1123

sorry i said "bad" meant to say good just relazid that...

haha it’s okay! we figured there was a misunderstanding there :-) glad you enjoyed this game!

estou chateado  cara, após eu ter feito algumas tarefas a porta do outro lado abriu e eu  simplesmente cai e não consegui voltar, não tem nenhum botão de restart ou menu de pause para retornar

desculpe meu português ruim, estou usando o google tradutor. lamento que tenha caído no chão! nunca vimos isso acontecer antes. Receio que não haja uma opção de salvar, então se você quiser terminar o jogo, terá que reiniciar. obrigado pelo aviso, no entanto! esperamos que você tenha gostado.

gostei da ideia do jogo e do desenvolvimento simples dos personagens,  desejo progressões e sucesso nos seus futuros jogos

muito obrigado! que bom que gostou do jogo.

I had alot of fun! the sensitivity almost killed me but that might be just my own experience. The environment was alittle basic, not going to be to judgemental on that but the art style of the characters was fantastic. well done!

Thanks! I appreciate the kind words!

this was such a cute game !! i felt like the second section of the game was tricky but i might just be bad. i really liked the style of the characters and it kept the sense of emergency. i did get attached to these little fellas 💕

haha, we both got attached when designing the socks. we're so glad you liked them and the game!


the vibes in this game are immaculate. very spooky atmosphere :) loved the style of it, the sound design, all of it came together very nicely! super fun play :D

we're so glad you enjoyed the game! thanks for the review!

i cant seem to download the game

that's odd, it seems to download just fine on my laptop. are you using an application like winrar or 7zip to open and extract the .rar file? if not, try using one of those and see how it works. this game was built for windows os, so if you're using something else, that could be an issue, too. thank you for letting us know what's up!

on the computer application, when i try to download it, there is an error that says "cannot read property 'build' undefined'"

hm... do you get the same error when you download the game on the webpage?

You'll need to download it from the webpage and unzip by hand. Or Dev needs to tick the box for windows application. The app registers .rar or .zip if the windows box is checked but otherwise it won't be able to register the download helper.

i tried downloading it from the webpage and it downloaded, but its not a zip file its a rar file.


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Thank you for playing! :)


I actually can't believe how good this game was. It absolutely did NOT disappoint! Loved the style, the characters and the game play was fun and intuitive. Absolutely fantastic job here! Hope this rates well in the jam, it deserves it!

THIS MEANS SO MUCH TO US!! we really appreciate you taking the time to try our game! Cheers!

no worries! I'm glad I got to play it! Very unique style and very entertaining! Can't wait to see what else you come up with!